Should I hire a bankruptcy attorney?

While the law allows for people to file for bankruptcy without an attorney, it is not advisable to do so. Bankruptcy law is very complex, and it can be very difficult to figure out all of the details. If you enter the wrong information (even by accident), submit the wrong forms, or forget to submit something, it could cause you to lose your house, lose your car, or even have your case dismissed.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney knows the intricacies of bankruptcy law and where to look to research any specific situations. An attorney can ensure all of the proper information and documents are submitted, as well as help you determine what type of bankruptcy is right for you. When you hire a bankruptcy attorney, you hire an advocate to be on your side every step of the way through your bankruptcy process. The confidence you can have in having an attorney on your side will add to the relief you will feel when you file for bankruptcy.

Attorney Matt Davis
A recognized trial lawyer and author of multiple books, Attorney Matthew Davis saw a need in the community to help people reclaim their financial freedom. He founded the Alabama Bankruptcy Relief Center with the purpose of helping the people of Alabama fulfill this mission. Read more

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